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How to Choose the Right Account-Based Marketing Software for ROI

Account-based marketing has become all but mandatory over the last few years – and it’s all thanks to accessible technology.

Unsurprisingly, 68% of marketers say their account-based marketing strategy relies on automation.

AI-driven tools and software – along with high-quality content – form the backbone of ABM. With the right account-based marketing software stack, you can:

  • Keep your lead database clean and free from missing, incorrect, or outdated information.
  • Prevent website abandonment and encourage engagement.
  • Create a personalized content experience filled with relevant blogs, eBooks, podcasts, etc.
  • Offer dynamically personalized landing pages for specific accounts or market segments.
  • Create a website experience that meets leads where they’re at and gently guides them down the sales funnel.

Picking the right ABM tool is vital for driving the exceptional ROI ABM is famous for. Here’s how.

What to Do Before Investing in Account-Based Marketing Software

At Hushly, we notice that marketers come to us with bloated martech stacks. They overspend on marketing technology, don’t use every product’s key features, and don’t train employees to use the technology properly.

Run through this checklist to audit your current stack before adding new account-based marketing software to the list:

  • What tools are you currently using?
  • How much are you spending per month?
  • What features does each ABM tool offer?
  • What features do you actually use?
  • What capabilities do you believe you need?
  • Who uses each tool?

It’s important to thoroughly evaluate your needs, goals, and current tech before adding anything to the mix.

7 Capabilities You Should Look for in Account-Based Marketing Software

Any piece of account-based marketing software you buy should help you stretch your budget. B2Bs love ABM because, when done right, it drives incredible ROI.

You need a tool with the right capabilities to help you reach your goals. Here are a few things to look for.

1. Lead Verification and Management Tools

Gartner expects 80% of brands to abandon their personalization by 2025 due to low ROI and bad data.

Bad data is a serious problem in B2B organizations, and you just can’t afford it in your account-based marketing strategy. In fact, up to 88% of your form information could be obsolete or flat out incorrect.

Lead verification tools are vital for capturing and vetting leads. Your ABM tool should:

  • Prevent competitors
  • Propagate firmographic details automatically
  • Prevent role-based emails
  • Update lead data as needed
  • Provide analytics and insights on leads

You can’t make smart decisions without the highest quality data and insights.

2. Dynamic Landing Page Builder

When a visitor arrives at your website, don’t you want to provide the most personalized experience possible? Ideally, you’d like to create custom landing pages for each account complete with branding, content, and personalized offers.

With today’s technology, you can create personalized landing pages either for individual organizations or verticals. Using AI, your website can detect which organization a visitor belongs to and provide the relevant landing page.

3. Comprehensive Tools to Prevent Abandonment

Your account-based marketing software should offer innovative engagement tools to detect exit intent and prevent abandonment.

Typical abandonment plugins that flash lead forms aren’t enough. No one wants to hand over their personal information as they’re trying to leave a website.

Instead, an ABM tool should prevent abandonment with personalized content recommendations. An AI-driven tool uses behavioral data to offer account- or industry-specific blogs, eBooks, podcasts, videos, or web pages.

4. Personalized Content Hubs

73% of buyers say they have less time for research these days – but 58% are willing to spend up to 20 minutes bingeing interactive content.

An ABM tool should empower you to create a personalized and interactive content experience for every visitor. Artificial intelligence and machine learning make it easy to customize each experience based on behavior. Visitors will spend more time on your site because they’ll see the most relevant piece of content every time.

You invest so much time and energy into creating relevant content for accounts. Don’t bury it. Use an AI-driven ABM tool to leverage it.

5. Custom Smart Lead Forms

No one ever enjoys filling out a lead form to access digital content. Visitors know that once they give you their email, your sales team will follow up.

Instead, your account-based marketing software should offer halfway ungated content so visitors can decide which pieces of content are worth providing an email.

Rather than an invasive form asking for every piece of firmographic data, your ABM software should only ask for a business email and pre-propagate the country based on IP. Using AI, your ABM software should fill in the lead’s firmographic details based on info from LinkedIn and other data sources.

Smart micro lead forms ensure that your visitors receive a seamless web experience and you only retain accurate data.

6. Powerful Integration Across Your Website and Other Tools

Data is the name of the game with ABM. Bad intel throws off every marketing objective, from content creation to social media targeting.

Your ABM tools should reduce friction between one another through integration. APIs make it easy to integrate between tools and share data so you can draw the most accurate insights.

7. Self-Nurturing Capabilities Across Your Website

Your leads spend 45% of their journey conducting research – mostly online. They only spend 17% of their time meeting with potential sales teams. In fact, your individual sales team only gets about 5% of a buyer’s time.

You need account-based marketing software that allows leads to self-nurture.

Similar to how Netflix and Spotify offer recommendations that guide you through series and discographies, your website should gently nudge buyers down the sales funnel via recommended content.

Target accounts should be able to self-nurture at their own pace without needing to speak with sales.

Boost Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy with Personalized Landing Pages

You need an ABM tool with a wide range of capabilities to help you personalize the experience, nurture leads on-site, and improve lead quality. Hushly offers a wide range of account-based marketing software to create the modern personalized experience your buyers expect.

Hushly’s dynamic landing pages offer templates you can customize one-on-one for each account or by industry, so each visitor receives a completely unique – and relevant – experience.

Connect with your visitors with Hushly’s innovative ABM landing pages and tools.

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