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8 Things the Best Account-Based Marketing Campaigns Have in Common

Every day, more B2Bs wake up to the profitability and effectiveness of account-based marketing.

71% of companies with an ABM strategy say its ROI is either somewhat or significantly higher than other marketing tactics.

ABM works because it’s highly relevant and personalized – at least it should be.

That’s why today we’ll cover the best account-based marketing campaigns to look for similarities. By analyzing what successful account-based marketing frameworks have in common, you can build a profitable strategy for your company.

8 Things You’ll Find in the Best Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

The best account-based marketing campaigns prioritize a few things:

  • High-quality content
  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Interactive content
  • Lead quality and data quality
  • Consideration for every touchpoint
  • Strategy and goals
  • Sales and marketing unity around a common goal
  • Strategy to prevent churn and improve the experience

It’s all about the experience with B2B account-based marketing. Experience has outpaced product and price as the driving factor behind loyalty. Follow these strategies to get your ABM right.

1. Comprehensive Content for B2B Account-Based Marketing

You simply can’t produce results from your ABM without high-quality content. Buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content during their journey – and not all content is equal.

Content must ease the burden of the buyer’s journey. That’s why 65% say they prefer product reviews while nearly half want tutorials and guidance solving problems.

Take your content seriously. It’s all you really have to connect with visitors and earn their trust. 60% of buyers say the content they receive from brands is so bad they seek content from other sources to fill the gap. Ouch.

2. Account-Specific Landing Pages

Creating a unique landing page for each account is a simple way to provide your buyers with personalized content, offers, and assistance.

It’s not as challenging as you might think. AI-driven technology today makes it easy to personalize individual landing pages with custom account logos, promotions, and hand-selected content.

You can create unique landing pages for individual companies or in clusters for specific industries/verticals. Personalized landing pages are the best way to hook visitors immediately with the most relevant content possible.

3. A Personalized Content Experience

Artificial intelligence technology also makes it easy to hyper-personalize your content experience akin to Netflix or Spotify.

Instead of expecting visitors to dig through your blog’s categories and tags, AI takes over. The AI analyzes each visitor’s behavior and makes personalized content recommendations, using their data and the data from thousands of previous visitors.

AI helps ensure each visitor receives the type of content they prefer as well such as eBooks, podcasts, product comparisons, or video.

4. Effective Lead Tracking and Management

Lead data is the best tool in your arsenal for learning about your accounts to create personalized offers and relevant accounts.

Unfortunately, most B2Bs don’t have the best data available. Clunky and long lead forms without verification result in missing, incomplete, incorrect, or fraudulent entries.

The best account-based marketing campaigns have a strategy and technology in place to collect and verify lead data. AI and public information from sites like LinkedIn can help you eliminate intrusive firmographic form fields while vetting each lead before they enter your system. Win-win.

5. Unity Between Marketing and Sales

In the interest of creating the best account-based marketing campaigns, marketing and sales should function almost as the same department.

Without effortless unity, data gets stuck between departments, content isn’t as relevant as it could be, and lead quality drops.

Alignment between marketing and sales also reduces friction during lead scoring as well. Digital business has blurred the lines between marketing and sales beyond belief – at least from the buyer’s perspective. Businesses must adapt if they want to reach accounts properly.

6. A Well-Researched Strategy and Goals

It’s all about research. You can’t create content and tactics for the best account-based marketing campaigns without understanding who your accounts are, what they need, and how to reach them.

First, identify your goals both for your account-based marketing framework as a whole and individual accounts, as well as clusters for verticals or industries. Make sure each goal is attainable yet ambitious and measurable.

Next, research and structure your buyer personas for each account. Create detailed profiles with firmographic details, pain points, and interests.

Finally, use an editorial calendar to plan your content, paid ads, social media, other tactics, and internal strategy. 80% of B2Bs with successful content marketing use an editorial calendar but only 20% of the least successful can say the same.

7. Personalization at Every Touchpoint

There’s no telling how many times someone from one of your target accounts might interact with your brand along the journey. We can guess 13 is average since that’s how many pieces of content a single buyer will consume from your brand.

It’s important to personalize each of these touchpoints in their own way. The goal isn’t to force accounts to adapt to your journey. Rather, the goal is to gently appear in their existing journey.

Make sure to cover all your bases: social media, PPC, guest blogging, industry websites, research reports, etc.

8. A Post-Purchase Experience Strategy

Many B2Bs spend too much time nurturing leads and not enough time improving their experience for the accounts they’ve already won.

A personalized account strategy for the post-purchase experience is vital for boosting loyalty. Not only does it prevent churn, but it also shows accounts that you care about their experience after you’ve won the sale.

Consider creating resource centers or content hubs for your existing customers filled with videos, tutorials, industry news, apps, and anything else relevant to their needs.

Supercharge Your B2B Account-Based Marketing Framework with Personalization

Brands trust Hushly because we provide cutting-edge AI technology in digestible and user-friendly formats. With Hushly’s ABM tools, you can offer a personalized content experience akin to Netflix or Spotify, boost lead quality, reduce your reliance on lead forms, and much more.

Hushly’s innovative ABM landing page tool lets you customize templates for individual accounts or by vertical, so every visitor receives a 100% relevant experience.

Learn more about Hushly’s new ABM tool for personalizing your account-based marketing framework.

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