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Why a B2B Lead Generation Agency Is Essential in the Digital Age

Your company is growing, and you’re struggling to scale your marketing strategies along with your growth. Don’t let your in-house capabilities keep you from reaching your desired growth. Using a B2B lead generation agency with industry-leading tools can help you stay ahead of your competition in a digital age.

Learn seven ways that Hushly’s B2B lead generation software solves your lead generation challenges.

Why Do You Need a B2B Lead Generation Agency?

According to 91% of marketers, lead generation is a top priority. Yet 37% of marketers also say it’s their biggest challenge, especially finding those precious quality leads most likely to become customers.

This crucial lead generation task requires a team of trained experts and lead generation tools. Often, a company’s in-house capabilities have limitations that prevent the company from reaching its full lead generation potential.

Lead generation marketing agencies provide tools, services, or both to build on a business’s in-house capabilities.

Expanding your lead generation strategies by partnering with a B2B lead generation agency is essential to succeed. Because most businesses have an online presence and B2B buyers have more options, you must be more competitive to generate those leads and stand out.

An agency’s B2B lead generation services give you those advanced capabilities to level up your lead generation strategy.

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7 Benefits of Hushly’s B2B Lead Generation for Digital Marketing

Learn why Hushly’s B2B lead generation tools are the boost your company needs to stand out in a digital age.

1. Personalize Your Lead Generation

Personalizing your content and customer experiences helps your business stand out. Website visitors are more likely to take note of your products and respond to your call to action. Through customization, you go from selling products to selling solutions to your visitors’ specific pain points, making you more marketable.

Hushly’s automated system helps you customize your lead generation strategies without any effort. Our advanced system analyzes visitor actions and movement to offer the most relevant information and appropriate lead generation pop-ups.

Buyers will receive timely, relevant lead nurturing content and a form to download the information they need to make an informed decision.

2. Gather More Relevant Lead Information

Is your team tired of sending out lead surveys and calling potential leads to gather information about them? These antiquated strategies were time-consuming and didn’t always produce quality information since many leads didn’t take the time to provide the feedback you needed.

Hushly’s AI-powered lead generation system takes data gathering into a new age. You don’t need to rely on generating customer data by requesting they manually input information in forms, fill out surveys, or answer phone calls.

Instead, Hushly’s system tracks customer movements and actions to generate a more accurate profile of visitors and leads. Because of this advanced tracking system, the form fields you offer customers don’t need to be long, which can discourage some leads from filling them out. You can keep just two or three fields.

The data you collect comes from the pages your reader visits, the type of email address they use, and how they engage with your website content.

3. Improve Your Lead Generation Strategies

All marketers know the feeling of seeing a high website traffic count but low lead generation. Are visitors coming to your website to bounce a few minutes later?

Hushly’s B2B lead generation software reduces your bounce rate, making more visitors valuable leads.

Most readers will leave your website because they didn’t find the needed information. Hushly’s software personalizes the experience so visitors can easily find relevant information. The software analyzes customer information and suggests reading based on the visitor’s unique data profile. The software also uses pop-up windows to encourage visitors to input their information during the browsing experience to avoid losing the visitor without contact details to turn them into a lead.

4. Streamline Your Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps you reach the highest quality leads at the perfect time.

Each action your leads take contributes to their score, painting a picture of their journey. The score shows what tools they’re interested in, whether they’re an ideal buyer or customers just browsing, and when they’re close to purchasing.

Using lead scores, you can share lead nurturing content customized for every stage of their journey, a crucial part of your account-based marketing strategies. Then, you can move them on to your sales team.

However, handling the load of lead scoring is overwhelming if you’re trying to perform the task in-house or juggle multiple software programs all inputting different leads.

Instead, streamline the process with Hushly’s AI-powered lead scoring system, ensuring you focus your best marketing strategies on your best leads.

5. Keep Your Lead Database Clean

When dealing with vast amounts of lead data, you can easily lose track of what’s outdated. Leads also regularly change. Who once was a primary decision-maker in one of your key accounts may have quit their job. Another buyer might change their email address.

Nearly 70% of companies say poor quality data impacts 25% or more of their revenue. Always clean your data to avoid wasting time and resources on old or outdated leads. Cleaning data includes:

  • Removing old leads
  • Deleting duplicate leads and information
  • Completing empty data fields, like missing phone numbers and names

While data audits take time away from crucial business tasks, Hushly returns that time to your company. Our AI data audit keeps your database pristine so you can keep rolling with your marketing efforts without running into outdated data. A clean database results in a higher conversion rate as you’ll reach more leads using the most updated information.

6. Easily Scale Your Strategies

Companies change over time, whether long-term growth or short-term changes due to holidays and promotional periods. Each change requires a strategy adjustment.

Performing all lead generation tasks in-house can easily overwhelm your team as the workload constantly fluctuates. That’s how you know it’s time to bring in outside help.

Hushly’s AI-powered system grows or shrinks with your team’s needs, so you always have the capabilities you need, no matter how many or a few leads you bring in.

A scalable system means your results are limitless, allowing you to make quick real-time changes and adjustments. You will lose fewer leads due to insufficient software, allowing you to surpass your lead generation goals.

7. Unify Your Systems

A common challenge with working with most B2B lead generation agencies is that they’re separate entities. When several teams and tools work on the same strategies, data siloes usually develop, and miscommunication is common.

Hushly’s software is the AI team member that works inside your company. The software is an extension of your team rather than a separate lead generation tool. It easily integrates with your current systems and strategies to transfer and share data seamlessly.

This integration ensures you’re always working with the most updated information for more effective strategies with greater results.

You can also customize the software to your specific needs and adjust it when you need to keep it aligned with your goals.

Time to Extend Your Marketing Team

If your marketing team has reached its limits, it’s time to look for a new team member. Hushly’s AI-powered B2B lead generation software makes that perfect team addition you need.

It’s the team member that never grows tired and easily meshes with your current team and software.

Our system will scale and change as you do so you consistently surpass your marketing goals.

Learn more about how Hushly’s B2B lead generation system can boost your marketing returns.

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