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How to Scale Content Creation Using AI

Content creation is running at full steam. Businesses are cranking out content weekly, some even daily, to keep up in the race for relevancy. To survive in the fast-paced world of content, you’ll need to up your game. Hushly is just the tool for the job.

With our unrivaled conversion optimization tools and cutting-edge content support, you can scale your content as needed to stay ahead of your competition.

Learn how to scale content creation using Hushly’s AI platform to save money and support business growth.

What Is Scalable Content?

Scalable content is, in simple terms, flexible content. You can create a digital asset once and use it multiple times in several ways. You can also grow and change your content strategy easily. In essence, scalable content allows you to do more with less.

Think of scalable content in terms of playdough versus modeling clay. With modeling clay, you create a mold, bake it, and the form stays permanently. If you want to change it, you must start from scratch.

However, playdough allows you to create a model but continue changing and adjusting it.

Now imagine that potential with content, but also adding in replicating and automating content production.

A scalable content strategy has several purposes, including:

  • Allowing you to reuse content across several platforms and for various audiences
  • Updating content and SEO to keep it ranking and relevant
  • Growing with your business, allowing you to add or change your strategy easily

Why Should You Build a Scalable Content Strategy?

While scalable content has many benefits, it’s also an area that 64% of marketers admit they need more education around.

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There are three primary benefits to building a scalable content strategy.

Saves Time and Money

Scalable content is a huge time saver. You don’t need to worry about creating content multiple times. Instead, you can reuse and repurpose content with a click of a button.

You will also reduce the money spent on content creation because you’re reducing the time it takes to create new content and the resources needed.

Allows You to Create More Content

Creating scalable content enables your team to create more content with fewer resources and time.

There’s an abundance of new content daily. Bloggers alone publish more than 6 million posts a day. If businesses don’t create frequent content, they will fall behind the competition. Google also prioritizes newer content.

Creating more content helps you stay on top of ranking and competition. You’ll also appear more relevant to your audience.

In addition, creating regular, quality content builds your authority and visibility – both essential for growth.

Supports Your Business Growth

A scalable content strategy grows with your business. Not only does it promote growth, but it can keep up with your company’s expansion.

As your company’s reach extends, you can expand your content by adding new audiences, SEO strategies, and marketing channels with few changes because you have already built the framework for growth.

How to Scale Content Creation Using Hushly’s AI-Powered Platform

How do you make content scalable?

Use these five tips to build a scalable content creation strategy using Hushly’s AI-powered platform.

1. Standardize Your Strategy

A standardized strategy streamlines content creation because you already have set steps. Everyone involved in the process knows what comes next and what standards to achieve.

In addition, when you standardize your strategy, you’ll notice patterns begin to emerge. Whenever there are patterns, an AI tool is usually capable of automating those tasks.

For example, you might always post the same social media content on all your channels. Therefore, you could automate image resizing and posting to create content once and publish it instantly across all channels. Then, if you ever want to add another social media channel, you only need to add it to the queue, as the framework is already there.

Hushly’s software streamlines repetitive content tasks, such as automating email campaigns, filling in SEO information, and suggesting ads.

2. Automate Content Repurposing

You don’t need to waste valuable time crafting several versions of the same content. Through the power of AI, you can make content once and use it endlessly.

Some ways you can repurpose content include:

  • Adjusting social media posts for different channels
  • Adapting content for different audiences
  • Using content for content syndication

One of Hushly’s most powerful features is our landing page optimizer tool. Landing pages have an average conversion rate of 4.01%, making it one of the highest conversion forms. However, they’re also one of the least used forms for conversion.

Why do landing pages not receive the attention they deserve? It’s mainly because of the time and money it costs to build a quality landing page.

Hushly allows more companies to experience the benefits of landing pages through our automated content repurposing. We automatically adjust and customize landing pages endlessly for each visitor. That way, they receive a personalized experience and read customized content without any extra effort on your part.

3. Consider Multiple Audiences

A scalable strategy allows you to reach more audiences with customized AI content. Customizing content for each audience enables you to tap into those golden ticket long-tail keywords with low competition. Those keywords are gold mines for attracting relevant traffic.

Creating audience-specific content also helps you connect more personally with each reader. You can talk specifically about their pain points and reference their industry. These connections show you understand them, building client trust and increasing your chances of conversion.

Choose topics you can easily adjust for different audiences to build a scalable content strategy. For instance, a content marketing agency might create a content series on how to manage a blog. Each post in the series would be for a specific audience, such as “How to Manage a Blog Post for Hospitals” and “How to Manage a Blog for a Manufacturing Company.”

Hushly streamlines this process by allowing you to personalize content and scale it across audiences automatically. We also offer content suggestions so the readers can access relevant assets when they finish the content.

4. Keep Track of Your Content

How do you scale a content site?

A content site has a large amount of content due to blog posts, many pages, and social media content. Because the content is so diversified and spread out, you’ll want a central location to keep and manage all your content.

Maintaining records of your content allows you to track your content. Key performance indicators (KPIs) will tell you how well each area performs, and analytics will let you know where you are in your growth goals.

Through Hushly’s content management capabilities, you’ll be able to identify content gaps, know which content needs updates, and find areas to grow your content.

5. Track Your KPIs

To effectively manage and scale your content, you need to monitor its performance using KPIs.

When you track content performance, you’ll understand what works and where to focus more time and effort to maximize your time.

Your KPIs will also help you identify the best content for scaling across your site for different audiences.

You can make informed decisions by tracking your KPIs to help you achieve your content growth goals and maximize your impact.

Does Your Content Site Support Scaling Your Content?

Hushly’s advanced AI tools enable businesses to create content and scale efficiently. Hushly’s tools can help streamline and automate the content creation process by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, providing businesses with more time to focus on other tasks.

 Whether you’re looking to create blog posts, social media content, or website copy, Hushly’s AI tools can help take your content creation efforts to the next level.

Try it out today and discover the benefits of incorporating AI into your content strategy.

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