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Creating Personalized Visitor and Account Experiences: How Mindtickle Created a Scalable Solution with REAL Results

The customer experience (CX) is the main factor in building a thriving business. Companies that know their customers’ needs and preferences are far more likely to succeed.

This is especially true in the B2B sector. B2B customers are more demanding than ever, and they expect a seamless experience from when they start researching a product or service to when they make a purchase. The only way to meet these demands is to provide optimized, personalized visitor and account experiences to each account and each person within the account.

Mindtickle, a comprehensive sales readiness platform, understands the importance of the customer experience and sought to improve its own by investing in the help of our buyer experience and conversion optimization services.

Mindtickle’s Vision: Create Optimize Personalized Visitor and Account Experiences to Speed Up the Decision-Making Process

As a brand that focuses heavily on helping brands improve their customer experience, the team at Mindtickle knew that they needed to take their own customer experience to the next level.

The customer experience during the sales process is a critical piece of the puzzle, and when you’re dealing with a B2B client, you aren’t usually dealing with a single person. There are, on average, at minimum, five individuals that make up a single B2B account, including:

  • The Initiator: The individual who identifies the need for a product/service
  • The Gatekeeper: The one responsible for gathering all relevant information and passing it along to the decision-maker
  • The Decision-Maker: The one that makes the final call on whether or not to move forward with a sale
  • The Buyer: The person actually purchasing the product/service
  • The User: The person using the product/service

Again, this is just an average. Some accounts are much larger and, therefore, undergo a much more complex process.

One study by Gartner showed that approximately 77% of B2B buyers stated that their latest purchase was “very difficult” or “complex.”

Source: Gartner

Paige Gerber, Director of Demand Generation at Mindtickle, recognizes that the clients they work with are often under extreme time constraints and that the sales process can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience.

“The central issue is how to get buyers to consume content faster by speeding up the decision-making process,” Gerber said.

That’s why she and her team set out to create a solution that would help streamline the marketing and sales processes to make the buying process more efficient and effective for their customers.

The Goal: Create a Scalable Program that Drives Real Results

While researching their next steps, Gerber and her team discovered Hushly’s simple yet powerful SaaS marketing platform. After reviewing their options, they were confident that Hushly’s platform was the best fit to help them create and optimize personalized visitor and account experiences.

Gerber’s initial goal was to create a scalable program that could drive results using 15 sales-qualified leads and a 15% conversion rate with 100 of their lead-based accounts.

To do this, they utilized Hushly’s Account-Based Campaign pages to create a personalized experience for each lead.

Before they started, they separated prospects into two groups based on their place within the sales cycle: the awareness/consideration group and the decision/purchase group.

Once they grouped the prospects into the appropriate stages, the next step was to create dynamic, personalized landing pages for each group. These pages would automatically change based on the prospect’s stage in the sales cycle and show more personalized content for each group.

For instance, depending on which group the prospect was in, the landing page would show different:

  • Banner graphics
  • Text
  • Offers
  • Content recommendations, etc.

The end goal? To provide these individuals with the information they needed to make an informed decision quickly and encourage them to book a demo.

Personalization and Genuine Experiences Generate the Results You Need

Thanks to the easy-to-use ABM campaign page templates, the team at Mindtickle was able to create personalized visitor and account experiences that proved highly beneficial to all parties involved.

“I was really surprised by the outcome,” said Gerber. “In terms of ABM and overall engagement, we saw a 50% click-through rate on landing pages and content views.”

With each account’s unique needs in mind, the team could provide their prospects with the exact information they needed to make the right buying decision.

In turn, this resulted in a higher level of engagement and more impressive results. Since each prospect was shown tailored information based on their unique needs, the click-through rate and content views increased significantly.

That’s not all. Gerber explained that the final results of this pilot campaign (which took place across eight weeks) “went above and beyond our expectations.”

Source: Hushly

By the end of the campaign, the team at Mindtickle stated that out of the initial 100 accounts, a total of 34 meetings had been booked, resulting in 25 new opportunities with over $2 million in the pipeline.

By incorporating ABM with the right content and targeting, Gerber and her team achieved impressive results. That’s because they targeted their audience and found out what their prospects were looking for.

By doing so, they were able to provide them with the information they needed the most, and by cutting out any superfluous content, they were able to reduce the amount of time their prospects had to spend searching for information, asking questions, and ultimately, buying.

Create Winning Personalized Visitor and Account Experiences with Hushly

As you can see, the results that Gerber and her team achieved were truly impressive. That’s because they were able to provide their prospects with the information they needed at the exact time they needed it most.

By reducing the amount of clutter and irrelevant information their audience had to sift through, they significantly reduced the overall amount of time it took for prospects to become customers. And with the power of ABM campaign pages, the team at Mindtickle was able to build strong, trusting relationships with their prospects and speed up the buying process.

Thanks to the simplicity of Hushly’s ABM campaign templates, you can easily create winning personalized visitor and account experiences for your prospects, too.

Are you ready to see what a customized ABM campaign page can do for your business? Contact the Hushly team today for your demo!

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