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How TechTarget Used Personalized Landing Pages to Reach 60% of Their 25 Hard-to-Reach Accounts

Most content marketers and business-to-business (B2B) salespeople are familiar with the widespread practice of creating content that is personalized to meet the needs of specific accounts.

Known as account-based marketing (ABM), this practice involves mapping a company’s target accounts with its buyer personas. The idea is to create content relevant to each account’s needs, then deliver that content to the right contacts at each account.

But what do you do when you have vast amounts of content that may pertain to your target audience, but that may not be relevant to each individual account? How do you make sure that each account gets the content that is most relevant to it?

That’s one of the challenges that TechTarget, one of the largest B2B publishers for those in the technology industry, faced.

When they reached out to Hushly, they were looking for a solution that would help them create a more personalized experience for their target accounts. With our ABM solutions’ help, TechTarget accomplished its goals and saw some outstanding results.

TechTarget’s Struggled With Organizing Their Copious Amounts of Information

TechTarget is a high-tech marketing company that sells its content directly to tech buyers. One of the biggest challenges they faced was how to reach hard-to-reach accounts and convince them to make the conversion from engaged leads to paying customers.

Garrett Mann, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, stated that their team was great at creating content. However, he also stated that they “are not so great at organizing it.”

When you’re putting out dozens of new pieces of content every day, some of which are of much higher value than others, it can be challenging to organize it all and present it in a way that makes sense to the end-user.

With an average blog or resources page, it’s normal to have a lot of content, most of which is organized simply by publication date.

Source: TechTarget

This is fine for the average viewer who is browsing for information casually. However, when reaching out to a specific prospect, TechTarget needed a much more sophisticated solution and found their solution in Hushly’s self-nurturing, personalized landing pages.

Building a Personalized Buyer Experience is Crucial to B2B Success

While working with Hushly, Mann explained that they wanted to create a “multi-asset experience” without overcomplicating the process or having to hire a developer to create a whole new technology infrastructure.  

Hushly offered several solutions to help them organize their copious amounts of content and provide a more personalized experience for their prospects. The first of these solutions was the ability to create a personalized landing page for each of their audience segments. This allows them to target their content to the specific buyer and industry segments, ensuring that each visitor gets the information they need.

This is crucial for B2B companies, as 94% of customer insights and marketing professionals across industries agree that personalization is the key to meeting marketing objectives.

A personalized landing page is a web page that is designed to offer a singular experience for a specific target audience. It allows users to navigate through a series of content relevant to their needs, instead of digging through an extensive database to find what they’re looking for.

A personalized landing page can also be used to control the information that is displayed to a specific visitor. For example, if a visitor is already a lead, they may be able to bypass the landing page and go straight to the content, whereas visitors who are not leads may be required to go through the landing page first.

With that in mind, Mann decided to move forward with a campaign that would require a singular landing page, but one that would allow for a more personalized experience for each of their 25 hardest-to-reach accounts.

Personalized Landing Pages Helped TechTarget Organize and Personalize Their Resources and Offerings

To create a landing page that would be able to target each of the 25 hardest-to-reach accounts, TechTarget needed a solution that would be able to personalize the content displayed to each visitor.

For Mann’s initial test campaign, he wanted to create a singular landing page that would dynamically display the most relevant content to each visitor. He also wanted to create something that could automatically create a personalized experience based on who was looking at the page.

Source: TechTarget

With the help of Hushly’s ABM campaign pages, he was able to create a landing page that was able to dynamically display not only the most relevant content to each visitor, but also displayed personalized touches, including:

  • The prospect’s logo
  • Sales rep contact information
  • A customized offer
  • A relevant call to action

By creating a dynamic landing page that provided a personalized experience tailored to each account, TechTarget was able to reach a whole new level of personalization with its content and offerings.

By leveraging Hushly’s personalized landing pages, TechTarget was able to reach 60% of its 25 toughest-to-reach accounts. This is a massive accomplishment for a B2B sales team constantly being barraged by tough competition. 

Source: TechTarget

Create Effective Personalized Landing Pages with Hushly

In B2B sales, creating a personalized buying experience is one of the most critical elements of closing a deal. But one of the most daunting challenges is that B2B buyers are notoriously difficult to reach.

Despite this challenging environment, Mann created a landing page that provided a personalized experience for each of the hardest to reach accounts on TechTarget’s list. This enabled the sales team to reach even more of their toughest-to-reach prospects, which has led to an increase in sales and a reduction in the time it takes to close deals.

With Hushly, you can create personalized landing pages tailored to your specific audience. You can use Hushly’s pre-built templates to create landing pages that are optimized for your needs, or you can customize these templates as you see fit.

If your goal is to prioritize personalization and ensure that your landing page is optimized for your audience, then Hushly can help!

If you’re curious about how personalized landing pages could help you generate more qualified leads, contact Hushly today for your demo!

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