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What Exactly are Account-Based Marketing Services, and Do You Really Need Them?

The modern digital marketing landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Many companies are trying to figure out how they can stay competitive in the ever-changing market. Many of these companies are trying to figure out how to incorporate account-based marketing into their marketing strategies. These account-based marketing services are becoming a more integral part of businesses marketing strategies, but many still do not understand precisely what they are or how they can benefit their businesses.

Account-Based Marketing: The Basics

Account-based marketing (ABM) isn't exactly a new concept. However, it has evolved into something a bit more than just a cookie-cutter approach to marketing. In fact, many marketing professionals describe the ABM approach as flipping the traditional marketing approach on its head.

Where traditional marketing tends to focus on attracting new leads, nurturing them, and then closing the deal, ABM focuses on identifying the best possible prospects for a business before the buyer ever knows that they need a product or service. From there, your marketing and sales team focus on engaging with these sales-ready leads (SRL) before you make your move and pitch your product/services.

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What Exactly is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing can be a bit confusing at first. However, if you break it down, it's really not that hard to understand.

At its core, account-based marketing is a strategy that focuses on generating the most revenue and profits with the least amount of effort.

 This means that instead of wasting your time with unqualified leads, you can focus on marketing to the highest-quality leads that are most likely to convert.

As of 2021, approximately 70% of marketers have implemented ABM into their marketing strategy, and another 62% of marketers say they have measured a positive impact since they adopted an ABM strategy.

Once ideal leads have been identified, an ABM approach focuses on nurturing these leads, building a relationship, and closing the deal. This means that you can build long-term relationships with your ideal leads instead of just making a quick sale.

Source: Hushly

Why B2B Brands Are Outsourcing their Account-Based Marketing

Many businesses are choosing to outsource their account-based marketing to an agency. This is because it can be very time-consuming to develop an effective ABM strategy.

Furthermore, it can be difficult for a business to measure the ROI of their ABM campaigns, making it difficult for companies to decide whether they should continue with their current ABM strategy.

Outsourcing this work is a great way for businesses to free up time that can be used elsewhere while still generating revenue and profits through account-based marketing.

5 Common Account-Based Marketing Services Worth Investing In

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a powerful way to turn your target audience into raving fans, but it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. Investing in account-based marketing services can help you target the right prospects for your B2B brand, engage with those prospects, and close the sale.

Here are five account-based marketing services worth investing in:

1. ABM Campaign Pages

In an ABM campaign page, you will find all of the information you need to target and engage with ideal prospects. The goal of an ABM campaign page is to provide a one-stop shop for everything your prospects need to know about your business so that you can build a strong relationship with them.

Think of it as a mini-website that is dedicated to one specific target audience.

AMB campaign pages are different from your typical landing page in several ways, including:

  • A more specific focus - instead of targeting all your audience, an ABM campaign page is focused on one exact audience segment, making it easier to be more targeted with your messaging.
  • A more personal feel - instead of simply focusing on the message, an ABM campaign page focuses on the prospect, giving you a chance to build a stronger relationship with them.
  • More detailed information - because it is targeted to a specific audience, you will have more space to provide all the necessary information your target prospects need to know about your business. You can also showcase the value you provide to them to help close the sale.

2. ABM Email Campaigns

An ABM email campaign is a strategy that allows you to send targeted emails to your ideal prospects. Email is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship with your target audience and close the sale, which is why many B2B brands invest in an ABM email strategy.

The main goal of an ABM email campaign is to attract and engage your audience with your message through relevant and personal content. As they continue to communicate with you, you will learn more about your potential prospects and continue to nurture a relationship with them.

3. ABM Persona-Building

Persona-building is a service that helps you create detailed profiles of your ideal prospects. It is one essential part of account-based marketing because it allows you to learn more about your target audience so that you can personalize your message. The more targeted your message, the more people are likely to listen to what you have to say!

What sets ABM persona-building apart from traditional persona-building is that it doesn't focus on your audience as a whole. Instead, it focuses on building several different personas that represent specific subgroups of your audience. This helps you to create targeted messages that are more likely to resonate with them.

4. ABM Ad Campaigns

An ABM ad campaign is an ad strategy that allows you to reach your target audience on their preferred channels. It allows you to take advantage of their online behavior and preferences, which is why it is such a powerful strategy.

Once you've got your persona's fleshed out, you can start to choose which types of ads should be used to reach them. It is essential to use ads that align with the specific persona, as they will have more of an impact.

5. Personalized Content Hubs

A personalized content hub is a single place where your prospects can learn more about your business and read content personalized to their specific wants and needs.

These hubs take advantage of your audience insights, as they show them personalized content in a way that encourages them to engage with you. This allows you to build trust with your prospects and get them thinking about what you have to offer.

Account-Based Marketing Services from Hushly

ABM is a powerful strategy that can help you get your business noticed. But it can also be challenging to know how to go about implementing it on your own. Hushly has developed a few services that will make the process easier for you!

Curious how we can help you get started with our ABM services? Contact us today!

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