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What Are the New Rules for Creating a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

lead nurturing campaign

Lead nurturing: that frustrating part between generation and conversion. Your lead nurturing campaign is the backbone of your marketing strategy – how’s it working for you?

Statistics show that only 3% of leads end up converting – and that’s being generous. In other words, 97% of people will never convert into customers.

To maximize your marketing and sales efforts, you’ll need to revamp your lead nurturing strategy for 2020. Here’s how.

How to Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign in 2020

Unfortunately, there’s a huge disconnect between marketers’ idea of who they’re targeting and the actual demographics of buyers.

B2B buyers are much younger than most marketers think. According to a recent Demand Gen survey, 56% of millennial buyers work in director-level positions and an additional 42% work at the managerial level.

Furthermore, 34% report being the chief decision maker at their company.

Here’s the thing about creating a lead nurturing campaign for younger buyers: 80% of them expect real-time interaction and 85% expect you to personalize the very first interaction.

It’s important for B2B marketers to figure out how they’ll customize touchpoints for every lead. Certain pieces of technology and the right content strategy can make it easy!

Start with Clean Data

Some research suggests that up to 80% of brands will give up their personalization strategies in the next five years due to a lack of ROI from poor data management.

Most brands struggle to keep their data clean and accurate.

An effective lead nurturing strategy starts with healthy data. Unfortunately, 40% of all business goals fail because 62% of companies are using data that’s up to 40% incorrect to guide their decisions.

It’s more cost effective to prevent bad data from entering your system in the first place before it has a chance to throw off your personalization strategies.

Human lead verification cross references every lead with public information on LinkedIn such as company name, phone number, and job title so you’re always working with the best data possible.

Optimize Your Lead Nurturing Strategy for Mobile

B2Bs can’t afford to neglect their mobile experience as part of every lead nurturing campaign.

Think with Google estimates that up to 70% of all B2B searches happen on mobile devices. Furthermore, buyers spend about three hours researching on their smartphones every day.

First, your website needs to be 100% mobile responsive. You should have already optimized your site for mobile last year after Google switched to its mobile-first indexing algorithm.

It’s also important to optimize your website speed. Landing pages should all load in under three seconds and bear in mind that 5G runs 100x faster than 4G so expectations will rise soon.

Finally, a mobile-friendly website should also have accessible menus and easy navigation for extended browsing.

Get Rid of Forms and Let Your Leads Self-Nurture

There’s nothing less mobile-friendly than a lead magnet form. When a lead visits your website, the last thing they want to see is a clunky form asking for their personal information.

You can generate more leads and create a more pleasant experience for your visitors by removing forms and letting your visitors provide an email address when they’re ready.

Plus, by removing your forms, leads will be able to self-nurture at their own pace, so they’ll be further along in the sales process by the time they give you their contact information.

Use Automated Lead Nurturing for Real-Time Personalization

Automation makes it easy for you to provide a personalized experience for every visitor with minimal effort and data you’re already collecting.

Like Netflix, an algorithm tracks every visitor’s behavior: which topics they read, how long they read each piece, what other similar visitors consumed, etc. From there, it can provide personalized product recommendations that guide leads through the sales funnel.

With the right technology, you can easily provide the type of buyer (and customer) experience your leads want.

Develop a Social Selling Strategy

In industries like network security, software, consulting, and marketing, social selling influences over 65% of revenue. In fact, social marketing strategies deliver 57% higher ROI compared to 23% for traditional marketing tactics.

Social selling should be a major part of every lead nurturing campaign because 63% of millennial buyers say they monitor discussions on social media for insight. Meanwhile, another 55% look to social media for recommendations.

Social selling thrives when it’s subtle and natural. Just let the conversation flow and focus on providing value.

Make sure you’re also responsive on social media, live chat, and email. Most B2Bs expect a response in under an hour.

social selling

Source: LinkedIn

Create a Relevant Social Media Retargeting Strategy

Social selling involves meaningful conversations. On the other side, you should also create a lead nurturing strategy with retargeting advertising.

The good news is that LinkedIn makes it easy to retarget your best leads on the platform. Like Facebook, you can mirror audiences, upload email lists, and even use URLs from your website to target visitors.

Do you have an authority blog post on your site? Let’s say someone stayed on that page for about three to five minutes – so you know they read the whole thing. You can use that URL to create personalized retargeting ads on LinkedIn.

Use Automated Lead Nurturing for Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a vital component of every automated lead nurturing strategy.

You can set up personalized campaigns ahead of time and schedule it to go out when a new subscriber signs up to your list.

Additionally, personalize which lead nurturing campaign a subscriber gets based on where they provided their email address.

You can also use account-based marketing tactics here – even if you don’t have a dedicated ABM strategy – to personalize automated email marketing based on the company a lead works for.

Use Automated Lead Nurturing and Skyrocket Your Lead Conversions by 51%

Hushly’s AI engine makes it easy to personalize every interaction at every stage of the buying cycle. Our self-nurturing landing pages guide leads through the sales process with an endless stream of personalized content.

Hushly’s system can skyrocket lead conversions by 51% and you’ll never pay for fake leads or using the software – only genuine leads. See Hushly in action now!

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