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How to Use Your Content Intelligence to Improve Your Content Experience

Content is critical to any digital marketing success. It’s the first touchpoint that a prospect has with your brand, and it’s a tool to help them learn about your products and services. However, creating engaging and meaningful content that gets the results you want is not easy. That’s where content intelligence comes in.

Content intelligence is about much more than detecting engagement. Using a combination of AI, machine learning, and human expertise, you can get the data you need to improve your content experience and create a better customer experience.

What is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence is the practice of using a combination of machine learning, human expertise, and artificial intelligence (AI) to capture data about the content you’re creating and how it’s being used. This allows you to understand what is working and what isn’t and helps you adjust your plan to optimize for the best customer experience.

In a B2B setting, content intelligence can help you improve your content experience, whether you’re creating content for your website, your social channels, or your sales materials. You can use it to detect when your content is being viewed, shared, or read so that you can offer better education, advice, interactions, and more.

3 Levels of Content Intelligence

As a content marketer, you need to know what your audience wants and provide it to them. Not only that, but you need to make sure your content is speaking to the right people.

Knowing what content to create, where to create it, and what to do with it is the hardest part of being a content marketer. This is where content intelligence tools can help. They can offer you several ways to capture data about the content that you’re creating, the ways that it’s being used, and the results that you’re seeing.

There are three levels of content intelligence, including:

Source: Surfer SEO

Domain Data

The first level of content intelligence dives into your domain data. This includes information about your current content, such as the topics and words that you’re using, as well as data about your historical content, such as the topics and words that were most successful. This allows you to build a better picture of what your audience wants so that you can create more of what they want and less of what they don’t.

You can also use this data to identify trends and patterns to create new content that speaks to your audience.

Cluster Data

The second level of content intelligence dives into your cluster data. This data tells you more about your content, such as the topics that your content covers, the emotions that your content evokes, the words you use, and the tone of your writing. This allows you to build a better picture of the best ways to communicate with your audience so that you can share with them in ways that they’re most receptive to.

Single-Page Data

The third level of content intelligence dives into your single-page data. This is the data that gives you insight into your content structure quality, as well as its relevance to your audience. This data can also detect engagement and determine what content is working, the search intent that leads to a page, which page is ranking well, and more.

5 Benefits of Content Intelligence

Content intelligence offers several benefits for content marketers. It allows you to understand better what works, what doesn’t, and why so that you can optimize your content strategy to provide the best experience for your audience.          

It also offers the following benefits:

1. Better Understand Your Audience and Their Needs

Knowing what your audience wants and how to give it to them is the first step to creating a successful content strategy. Content intelligence allows you to build a better picture of your audience, their needs, and their preferences so that you can speak to them in a way that they’re most receptive to. This allows you to better tailor your content to their needs and preferences to create a more compelling experience. 

2. Improves Your Content Strategy as a Whole

Not only does your content intelligence help give you necessary insights into your audience and what their needs are, but it also helps improve and simplify your content strategy as a whole.

With this data at your fingertips, you can create a more effective, streamlined content strategy that’s better suited for helping you to meet your audience’s needs and expectations. This enables you to create a more compelling experience for your audience, which leads to higher conversions and better results.

3. You Can Answer the Questions that Matter Most

To create a successful content strategy, you must answer the questions that matter most to your targeted audience. With the data provided by your content intelligence, you should be able to easily identify the questions and pain points that your audience is struggling with to create content that speaks to those needs. This allows you to increase the likelihood of them engaging with your content, resulting in higher conversions.

4. Become an Authority in Your Given Niche

As you begin addressing the questions that matter most to your audience, you’ll start to build a reputation for being an authority in your given niche. This not only helps you to build a larger audience, but also helps to increase the credibility of your brand. This allows you to build a better relationship with your audience and lead to brand loyalty down the line.

5. Improve Your Customer Experience

Finally, content intelligence gives you the necessary insights to help you build the best customer experience (CX) possible. By better understanding your audience’s needs and expectations, you’re able to create an exceptional CX worth coming back for and recommending to others.

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