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8 Tactics to Use for Every Lead Magnet Landing Page

lead magnet landing page

Lead magnet landing pages are your money makers.

They’re what convince visitors to stay in touch with your brand – or even convert into a customer.

Did you know, however, that the median B2B landing page conversion rate is less than 3%?

Many marketers may not realize that B2B buyer expectations have evolved over the past few years. Aggressive tactics don’t work anymore.

Instead, buyers want to research at their own pace and keep control over the whole situation.

Let’s explore how to optimize your lead pages to empower buyers and create the experience they crave.

lead magnet landing page

How Has Lead Generation Changed in 2020 and Beyond?

Years ago, lead generation involved cold calls before moving onto cold emails and messages on LinkedIn.

These days, however, B2B marketers have a ton of innovative tools at their disposal to intrigue visitors and convert leads. It’s no surprise that 88% of companies running the most successful B2B content marketing strategies prioritize their audience’s needs over the company’s promotional message.

The least successful? Only 50%.

Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is vital for giving your visitors the resources to self-nurture and learn about your brand. However, your lead magnet landing pages need to follow the same personalization strategy as your blog and other content.

Lead pages must have relevant and valuable content for your leads. They must be 100% optimized and tested for quality.

8 Tactics and Best Practices You Need to Use on Every Lead Magnet Landing Page

A few basic strategies and artificial intelligence come together in perfect harmony to create the perfect lead magnet landing page.

1. Keep Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Content Evergreen

Find that sweet spot between timeliness and timelessness, if possible.

Ideally, you should also update and re-optimize your landing pages as needed. How often? Well, it depends on the content and your audience.

Stay on top of trends via social listening so you can tweak your copy, pitch, and lead magnets as audience problems and expectations change.

2. Include Some Social Proof on Your Lead Magnet Landing Pages

91% of people read online reviews before committing to a purchase. Meanwhile, 84% say they trust reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

You could argue that social proof holds even greater importance in B2B because the risk behind each purchase is so much higher. Buyers must feel confident in a company before they can convert.

Start building that trust with your lead magnet landing page.

Break out testimonials – but personalize them. Consider the topic on the page to choose testimonials that fit with the target audience’s company and industry.

3. Don’t Hide All Your Content Behind Forms

No one wants to see a form when they’re excited to open and read a piece of content.

Keep in mind that 70% of all B2B searches happen on mobile devices. For these visitors, gated content behind forms is even more unwelcome. They’ll just hit the back button and go somewhere else.

Instead, use your lead magnet landing pages to give visitors a sample of your content. If they decide it’s worthwhile, they can provide their email address to download the whole thing.

4. Take a Minimalist Approach to Forms on Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

It’s also important to keep your forms as short as possible.

Reducing your form from 11 fields down to four can skyrocket conversions by 120%. Trim it down even further and only ask your visitors for a business email address and country.

Why? No one is clamoring to give out their personal information just to download an eBook.

Visitors will be much more likely to download your lead magnet if you aren’t asking a ton of questions about their job and the company they work for.

5. Always Verify Data from Your Lead Magnet Landing Pages

Data is truly the “silent killer” of not only personalization strategies but marketing objectives as a whole.

25% of B2B databases contain critical errors. Meanwhile, 80% of organizations are expected to abandon their data-driven personalization strategies by 2025 due to poor ROI and data management.

Missing form fields, inaccurate data, and outdated information are all rampant in B2B databases.

AI can help you fix the data problem at its source. Instead of relying on input, artificial intelligence uses a business email address to cross-check lead data on public sources like LinkedIn.

In other words, it can fill all the data gaps and keep data up to date.

6. Offer Personalized Content on Your Lead Magnet Landing Pages

Now, keep in mind that 85% of buyers will dismiss a brand that doesn’t personalize the first touchpoint. However, you also don’t want your lead magnet pages to become outdated after just a few weeks or months.

Choose one major pain point for each lead magnet landing page – but make sure it’s highly relevant and targeted.

7. Create Urgency and Stick to a Single CTA

Unless you write with urgency, visitors will continue putting off converting.

Lead magnet landing page language should resonate with your target audience but also push them towards action.

On that note, you’ll want to stick with a single CTA and topic for each landing page. If you find yourself digressing, just create more lead pages.

8. Let Your Leads Self-Nurture and Binge Content

Your target audience is exposed to hyper-personalized algorithms everywhere they go online – from Amazon and eBay down to Netflix and Facebook.

They expect the same hyper-personalized experiences from your B2B landing page.

Self-nurturing landing pages use intent data and on-site behavior data from all sessions to create a personalized content experience for every visitor. Like Netflix, they also offer an endless stream of content recommendations to keep visitors on the site and guide them down the sales funnel.

Drive 51% More Lead Conversions with the Power of AI

You don’t have to “hire” a bot to write your blog content. However, artificial intelligence can help you learn about your audience, verify leads, and distribute content in a unique way for every visitor.

Whether a known lead or anonymous browser, AI can provide a completely personalized experience for everyone – just like Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify.

Ready to learn more about AI? Help leads help themselves with self-nurturing landing pages.

lead magnet landing page

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