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8 Lesser-Known Benefits of Account-Based Marketing (That Aren’t ROI)

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of account-based marketing on ROI.

The returns are most of the appeal.

After all, 87% of marketers say ABM outperforms their other tactics while 91% say ABM helps them increase average deal size.

Those 13% and 9% minority groups saying otherwise probably either:

  • Aren’t running the best ABM strategy
  • Don’t understand their ideal target accounts
  • Aren’t using the right tools correctly
  • Or don’t have the best product/service/mission to begin with.

When done right, ABM’s ROI is unmatched – but the real question is, why?

Unearth that “why” and you’ll find a whole range of account-based marketing benefits. You’ll also realize how ABM revolutionizes the entire B2B marketing process.

What is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Instead of throwing a bunch of marketing material at the proverbial wall and focusing on what sticks, ABM changes how you approach the entire process.

You identify the target accounts first and work backward:


Since you’re targeting specific accounts instead of entire markets, your process instantly becomes more efficient. No generic content. No tossing around multiple pain points and use cases. Just laser-focused marketing material that either appeals to accounts or doesn’t.

ABM is really the natural progression of personalized B2B marketing under the age of AI and automation.

With so much data available and automation tools at your fingertips, why even bother with the old clunky tactics?

Plus, the early research stages of ABM help you figure out whether accounts are even the right fit for your brand to begin with. Transparency is critical for trust today in B2B so half of your job is knowing who not to target and nurture as well.

You’re not the best solution for everyone and ABM forces you to confront that and deal with it properly. That’s a good thing!

8 Benefits of Account-Based Marketing That Don’t Get Enough Attention

Digging deeper into the “why” behind ABM’s massive ROI uncovers a ton of awesome benefits. Remember, these benefits of account-based marketing only happen when you run an optimized strategy with the right tools.

1. Uniting Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service

ABM really forces companies to address the disconnect between departments.

One of the best benefits of account-based marketing (and main goals) is customer retention, for example. You can’t effectively retain customers with customer service and marketing working in isolation.

Sales, marketing, and customer service need to develop almost a diplomatic channel for communication where they can evaluate data together and decide the best course of action.

The benefits of this honest and open communication ultimately flow over into every activity by encouraging goal-focused cooperation.

2. Engaging Stakeholders

Most ABM strategies identify, create content for, and engage key stakeholders at the target company. If your marketing team manages to earn the attention of a well-known company leader, don’t you think your own leadership might pay more attention too?

Of course, your company’s stakeholders aren’t marketers but they’d certainly pay more attention to what marketing is up to and why your activities are critical to business growth.

Not only is this useful for marketing but engaged stakeholders on both sides can lead to better long-term planning at your company so you can position yourself as a solution.

3. A Better Website Experience Overall

ABM eliminates the need to gate your entire content inventory, demanding contact details in exchange for access.

You already know who you’re targeting!

Instead, you can let visitors freely browse your website with minimal intrusion. Everyone gets a better website experience from you.

4. More and Better Personalization

Account-based marketing is personalization. That’s why you work backward, identifying your target accounts, teams, and individuals.

Business 2 Community

You already have your segments laid out. You just need to personalize the content, experience, offers, and service to fit.

And when you optimize the personalization for your ABM, you collect data to help you improve personalization for everyone.

5. Better Understanding of Your Market

B2Bs often struggle today because they don’t properly understand the daily problems of their target audience – much less niche teams and individuals.

Data and research are the backbone of successful ABM.

We’re still witnessing the infancy of widespread ABM. After optimizing your ABM for years, your analytics will reveal patterns that tell a story about your target market’s experience.

6. Deeper Understanding of Your Own Mission

Naturally, by understanding your target audience and competition on a deeper level, you’ll have a better grasp of how your company fits into the equation.

This perspective puts you in a better situation to plan your long-term goals. Long-term planning like this matters tremendously to high-value clients and enterprises.

Ultimately, you’ll know how to position your company as the perfect solution for years or decades of benefits.

7. Streamlining Automation

You can’t run a successful ABM without AI and automation. There’s just no efficient way to personalize the experience for each account or individual without AI-powered features like:

  • Custom ABM campaign pages
  • Content recommendation engines
  • Embedded content streams
  • Minimalist smart forms
  • Lead verification

Ideally, your ABM strategy should also implement automation for internal processes too. Data collection, analysis, and contact management can all benefit from AI help.

8. Reduced Waste and Inefficiencies

A focused team is an efficient team. With well-researched ABM, you’ll never invest in content you don’t need, generic material, or dead-end conversations.

You understand the account’s pain points, needs, and goals. Every action from there out – whether sales, marketing, or customer service – should serve a specific purpose and make total sense in that moment.

Those benefits of account-based marketing from waste reduction only get better with time too.

Reap the Full Benefits of Account-Based Marketing with the Right Tools

Marketers can only enjoy the benefits of ABM today – including ROI – thanks to the growing accessibility of AI, automation, and data integration.

The tools you choose make successful ABM possible. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to manage data from multiple sources, draw insights, create engaging content, and reach accounts at the right moment.

That’s why so many B2B marketing teams trust Hushly for their most important account-based marketing tools like ABM campaign pages, website content personalization, abandonment popups, and minimalist smart forms.

See how Hushly’s all-in-one platform can skyrocket your ABM engagement and retention.

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