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7 Benefits of Adding Hushly to Your B2B Marketing Automation Platform

Because of the giant tech leaps made possible by advanced technology, you don’t need to rely on one platform to perform all your marketing tasks. Instead, you can build a powerful marketing automation engine with several tools that fit seamlessly together to capture, nurture, and convert leads.

The benefit of using multiple tools is receiving expertise and industry-specific solutions. Every area of your marketing automation deserves a tool dedicated to that area’s success rather than a tool spread too thin.

Where does Hushly fit with your B2B marketing automation engine?

Hushly specializes in the user experience by ensuring it’s seamless and personalized.

Let’s look at the seven benefits of Hushly’s powerful B2B marketing automation software.

What Is Hushly’s Platform?

Hushly offers an all-in-one conversion cloud. We specialize in every conversion process step by fueling your content through personalized experiences.

Our machine learning and AI-powered tools help you create and distribute content across websites, ads, and emails. We then support you as you gather leads and data. Our solutions build the road from demand capture to conversion without heavy coding, complex design, or complicated strategies.

The key to Hushly’s power toolset is AI personalization that understands traffic and customizes experiences around visitors’ behavior and intent, ensuring everyone who engages with your content receives the most relevant experiences, boosting conversions.

The Hushly platform conveniently integrates into your existing B2B marketing automation, building on the solid foundation you already have. Our AI tools level up your marketing strategies by customizing your content and personalizing the user website experience.

7 Ways Hushly Benefits Your B2B Marketing Automation

Here are seven ways you can benefit from Hushly’s innovative powerhouse.

1. Boosts Your Efficiency

Hushly streamlines your marketing processes by automating tasks ordinarily requiring manual entry and development.

Some B2B marketing automation examples of Hushly’s streamlined tools include:

  • Web page personalization: Create pages once and allow AI to customize them limitlessly for website visitors based on their intent and interests.
  • Lead generation: Add fewer fields to your forms so more visitors fill them out while AI collects the rest of the needed data behind the scenes and inputs it into your customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • AI-generated tags: Quickly tag and fill out content information using AI assistance.

With the help of Hushly, you’ll spend less time performing repetitive tasks and can focus more time on core business tasks.

2. Creates Content at Scale

Ideally, businesses should publish blog posts two to four times a week. Plus, you should continually go back and refresh old content. Regularly publishing content keeps you competitive in a market inundated with digital content.

Yet, creating content manually takes considerable time and effort. The average writer takes four hours and ten minutes to create a typical blog post. That’s why 52% of content creators say finding time to create content is their top challenge, and another 33% say creating enough content consistently is their top challenge.

Generative AI makes creating content at scale possible so you can keep up with the growing demand. Some of our B2B marketing automation content tools include:

  • AI content chat with ChatGPT
  • AI generative content with ChatGPT
  • AI image generation with DALL-E2
  • AI video transcription with Whisper
  • AI translation with ChatGPT

3. Automatically Customizes Web Pages

Hushly’s landing page customizers allow you to create content once using out-of-the-box web pages. Then, AI customizes the page for each visitor. This tool supports account-based marketing strategies that require hyper-personalized content and experiences.

Add content streams that suggest relevant content for each visitor to create custom pages. The elements on each page can also support personalized text. Then, you can instruct AI to adjust each page depending on intent and visitor behavior using customization rules.

Some elements that Hushly customizes include:

  • Tokens
  • Banners
  • Videos
  • Content

Do you want to create multiple pages? You can clone web pages to create landing pages at scale without needing a web page developer and complex coding.

4. Generates More Leads

You don’t need long-form fields and multiple hoops to generate leads.

Fuel your lead generation strategy by streamlining the process and encouraging more signups through a positive experience.

Hushly uses automation to simplify lead generation. Visitors only need to fill out two or three fields to enjoy asset downloads. AI performs the other tasks of generating data you need to qualify the lead and curate their experience.

5. Maximizes Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing relies on timing to reach your leads at crucial touchpoints in their buying journey. Automating lead nurturing establishes rules for customizing content so it reaches buyers at those strategic points.

Hushly uses embedded content streams, native ads, and personalized call-to-actions to create unique visitor experiences. Then, Hushly’s AI uses intent data to understand visitors and recommend further resources, downloads, and actions.

Intent data also helps you accurately segment your visitors based on their interest level. Through lead segmentation, you can reach out to those leads with personalized nurturing emails.

Is your traffic leaving your website? Use exit content to target and nurture those leads one more time through personalized offers based on intent data.

6. Understands Visitors

Do you wish you could read your visitors’ minds? We offer the next best option. Hushly reads people’s activities. How people move through your website reflects their motives and goals.

For example, a person who isn’t seriously interested in your products will read one article before leaving. Another visitor might stay on your site but spend all their time on your careers page. However, a potential buyer will engage with multiple assets and pieces of content. The most valuable visitors will also visit the pricing page, sign up for trials, and interact with marketing emails.

These indicators give valuable insights into visitors’ intent. Visitors also indicate their intent through your contact forms. For instance, visitors using business emails are most likely to be business buyers.

Hushly combines first-party data like page visits and available demographic information with a vast database of third-party data. We use this data to customize the visitor experience. The pages visitors read will influence what recommended articles appear in the native stream throughout your website.

Visitor intent translates off your website as well. Automatically collected visitor intent data will help you understand your customers in other stages of their buyer’s journey and your other campaigns, like email nurturing campaigns.

7. Easily Tracks Results

How do your visitors and target accounts interact with your content? Tracking performance metrics tells you which strategies and pages are most effective and where you can adjust your strategy to generate and nurture leads. You can also use it to identify content gaps.

Some metrics Hushly tracks include:

  • When visitors arrive on your site
  • Which pages they visited
  • What content they interacted with
  • What buttons and assets they interact with

Combine the Hushly data with your other marketing data by moving it to your analytic platform for a more comprehensive view of visitor activity.

What Is Your Marketing Automation for B2B Missing?

Hushly ensures your hard work goes as far as possible by automating demand generation, lead generation, nurturing, and conversion. You can reach more of your visitors through personalized and streamlined experiences.

Our cutting-edge B2B marketing automation platforms complete mundane and time-sensitive tasks so you can focus more time where it will have the most significant impact on your sales.

Do you want to learn more about Hushly’s capabilities?

Check out our full toolset and capabilities, and sign up for a free demo.

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