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7 Account-Based Marketing Email Examples

Combining account-based marketing and email marketing is a powerful duo. Each is a perfect way to center customers and focus on providing value upfront. Since the marketing world is constantly shifting toward more human-centered approaches, any ABM marketer should focus on mastering the art of ABM emails.

We’ll discuss what you need to know about account-based marketing emails and give you seven of Hushly’s best tips on constructing your own in today’s article.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is the practice of tailoring marketing content toward individual buyers instead of trying to generate mass appeal.

The goal of account-based marketing is to develop long-term relationships and emphasize mutual growth. By establishing these types of trust-based partnerships, account-based marketing will increase ROI through higher customer lifetime value and lower churn rate.

How Do You Write an ABM Email?

Writing a great ABM email consistently will take time and practice. Here are four account-based marketing tactics to follow when designing emails:

Focus on the Customer

Email marketing works because customers see it as personal and trustworthy. It’s like having a conversation with the company. In addition, marketing emails reach customers where they are. In fact, 99% of customers check their emails daily, meaning that your subject line is bound to cross the eyes of countless customers.

Remember that you’re trying to reach this customer on a personal level. Keep the tone of your copy friendly, inviting, and conversational. Just like if you were writing an email to an existing business contact who you already have a relationship with.

Demonstrate Value Upfront

Don’t make the customer scroll through a long and winding email or click through just to get the value you’ve promised. Demonstrate that it exists right away to get the customer’s attention and hold it while you make your pitch.

Keep Your Targeting Precise

Sending emails to the wrong targets will lower key metrics, like open rate and response rate, and increase the odds of ending up in the spam filter.

Avoid this by carefully selecting the targets of every email campaign. Make sure each recipient will greatly benefit from the content and that they have a high chance of converting.

Keep Track of Your Performance

Finally, keep track of how well you’re doing with hard data. No matter how well you think you’re getting your message across, you can’t know for sure unless the numbers are on your side.

Keep track of metrics like click-through rate, conversion rates, and leads generated to ensure your content is reaching the right targets and convincing them your company is right for them.

7 Examples of Account-Based Marketing Emails

If you’d like further inspiration for designing your own ABM emails, here are seven of our favorite examples that you can copy and make use of.

1. Personalized Content

To go along with the most important ABM email marketing principle, try creating custom content for the buyers you’d like to speak to. Here’s a simple example from Airbnb:

Notice that this email hits all of the major principles:

  • The video is produced for a specific segmented audience. In other words, it’s targeted.
  • The content is readily available. There’s no click-through or long scrolling required to get a taste of the value.
  • Recipients know that this video will address them directly and hopefully address some key issues they have right away.
  • There’s an actionable click-through call-to-action that will produce useful data for the marketers to go over.

2. Gifts

Gifts are a great way to ingratiate yourself and immediately demonstrate value to any customer.

Make sure that the gift you give is relevant to the customer. Find out what they care about and what sort of gift you can give that will improve their lives immediately. Doing this is a great way to improve your conversions. Think of it as another investment, one that is highly likely to grab a customer’s attention and make them feel gratitude and camaraderie.

3. Free Food

Free food is a simple but effective gift that oozes a “low-pressure” vibe.

An offer to buy lunch with no strings attached is a relationship-building move. It signals to the customer that you’re interested in getting to know them and the problems they face earnestly. It’s recognizing that you understand the customer’s time is valuable and important, and that you’re grateful for the opportunity to take some of it.

4. Breaking News

New product launch? New location? New brand? Each of these is ripe for a “breaking news” style email marketing campaign that can generate urgency. It’s also a great reason to email the customer and keep your brand name in their mind.

A controlled and confident news announcement signals to the customer that your company is still innovating and always looking for new ways to deliver value and grow the company.

Here’s an example of a news announcement from Patagonia, wherein they inform customers that an item is back in stock:

5. Welcome Message

Once you’ve captured a customer’s information for the first time, it’s a good idea to send out a welcome message.

These are easily personalized since all you need to do is say hello! You should have all of the relevant information (name, email, business, and industry) from your lead capture forms.

Keep these short and sweet. You can certainly include any product information or content you think will be relevant to the customer. However, focus on a conversational tone and a welcoming vibe that will lay the foundation for a fruitful partnership.

6. Custom Sale

You can always design custom sales for any customer or segment of customers you serve. Announce these sales with a personalized marketing email that lets the customers know what the sale is for, how long it lasts, and, of course, the fact that you designed it just for them.

A custom sale is a perfect way to demonstrate to a customer just how well you know their business and how effectively you can propose solutions that matter to them.

7. Thank You Note

In addition to a great welcome note, a personalized and heartfelt thank you note can go a long way.

Just like in non-commercial relationships, gratitude is a great way to ingratiate yourself with another person. An earnest message of thanks is an opportunity to let the customer know that their business means more to you than just the effect on your bottom line. You’re focused on building partnerships with other companies that are looking to grow and thrive long-term. Use thank-you notes to project this value and set a standard that other companies will need to beat.

Hushly Can Help You Design and Optimize ABM Emails

Hushly’s platform is dedicated to creating unique and powerful account-based experiences anywhere you reach customers, including email.

With Hushly, you can design custom email templates and use them on a massive scale to speak to more customers and drive conversions.

We will also help you load these emails with effective CTAs that will enable you to keep track of the performance of your campaigns so you can always get one step closer to complete optimization.

Request a demo of Hushly today to see how we can improve your ABM email marketing.

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