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6 Types of Content to Create for Effective Firmographic Segmentation

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By now, most B2Bs have figured out that generic content won’t work for every visitor.

You must personalize your content if you want to win over leads and prevent churn.

Firmographic segmentation is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for creating effective content for your prospects, leads, and even customers too.

While segmentation isn’t the be-all-end-all solution, it is important in the creation stage. For delivery, however, artificial intelligence can help you provide a hyper-personalized experience based on behavioral data.

Here’s how to merge the two for the most effective content marketing results.

firmographic segmentation

6 Types of Content to Create for Effective Firmographic Segmentation

Each segment of your audience demands distinct types of content. Leads in each stage of the buying cycle also require unique types of content to empower their journey. Here are a few must-haves based on your firmographic data sources.

1. Videos

Research from LinkedIn shows that about half of B2Bs consume video during the buyer’s journey. Unlike consumers, B2Bs spend quite some time watching each video too: five minutes on average!

Use your firmographic data sources to create impactful videos for your prospects and leads. Introduce potential buyers to your company's values and mission. Create unique videos for your team members like your marketing and sales directors.

Since we know B2Bs spend considerable time watching video, you have some freedom to get creative with your content and keep your viewers engaged. Just make sure it stands out and answers all questions. Think of video as a digital liaison between your sales team and leads.

2. Case Studies

For audience segments a little further along in the buying process, case studies are absolutely vital.

In fact, 42% of B2Bs say case studies are the most valuable pieces of content they consume during the journey. Wow!

Once you have some firmographic segmentation down, use your knowledge about your audience to understand their needs and concerns. Next, look for relevant clients for case studies they’ll appreciate.

Remember you’re trying to use case studies to win over leads so put yourself in their shoes when you choose case studies – not necessarily your best or favorite clients.

3. End-User Explainers

Too many B2B marketers neglect end users when they segment their audience and create content. Unfortunately, this is costly. Even if end users aren’t involved in the buying process, they’re still the ones using your product or service every day.

Videos can come in handy for tutorials and explainers. Talk to your customer service department and ask about some of the most common questions or problems people run into.

For end-users who prefer to read over watching videos, shoot for some tutorial blog posts or frequently asked questions. You could even break a FAQ into different categories and topics to answer every possible question that may arise once someone starts using your product or service.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are huge right now. Yep, even in B2B. 64% of B2Bs say they value podcasts in the early stages of the buying process.

Use podcasting to help leads get a feel for how you operate. Educate them about your industry and company. Bring on some experts to answer questions.

Use firmographic segmentation here to identify specific audiences who you could target with hyper-relevant podcasts. If you’re using an ABM strategy, don’t be afraid to throw some company names around in your show.

5. Industry Blogs

Of course, blogs are necessary. Unfortunately, 63% of senior execs say the content they consume is far too generic. Yikes.

Spend time learning about your different segments and what problems they face daily. Use your industry blogs to directly address their problems and offer solutions.

6. Guest Blogs

Guest blogging is effective when you choose the right places. This is where some solid firmographic segmentation comes in handy.

As you start learning about your audience, look for different websites or blogs they share on their social media accounts. You’ll know they hang out on these sites to find interesting blogs.

Get strategic with your guest blogging. Don’t just choose blogs that fit with your industry and impress colleagues. Go where your audience goes.

Why AI-Driven Tech is Vital to Effective Firmographic Segmentation

Firmographic segmentation is most useful for learning about your audience and creating content.

It typically includes data such as:

enrichment process


Once you have these pieces of information, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of every lead’s needs, concerns, and daily life at work – all of which come in handy for creating relevant and valuable content.

But there’s one major problem plaguing most lead databases: Bad intel.

Lead data expires quickly. People change email addresses, switch jobs, get promotions, and data goes stale. Unfortunately, unless you correct the problem, you’re still using expired data to drive your firmographic decisions and content.

Instead, AI allows you to ONLY collect an email address and pulls the rest of the firmographic details from public sources like LinkedIn so they’re always current.

Artificial intelligence also allows you to create a hyper-personalized experience on your website for every visitor – whether known or anonymous.

Using behavioral data from each visitor AND previous similar visitors, AI offers the most relevant piece of content possible at every stage of the buying process. Instead of following leads and prospects around the internet to keep up the conversation, AI does all the heavy lifting while they’re still on your website.

You spend so much time and money creating highly relevant and authoritative content. Don’t bury it in your blog! Use artificial intelligence to put your best pieces of content on display for every visitor.

Take Your Firmographic Segmentation to the Next Level with Hushly AI

Hushly’s AI-driven tools like adaptive content hubs, self-nurturing landing pages, and exit-intent popups make it easy to personalize every touchpoint along the buyer journey.

You focus on creating awesome content. We’ll focus on delivering it to your leads in the most effective way at the perfect time.

firmographic segmentation

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